Junior Golf Parent Information

The 2018 golf season is approaching quickly and the junior committee is working hard with the club to build upon the 2017 junior program. The 2018 program will be filled with competition, fun and volunteer opportunities.

Our plans for 2018 include parent/sponsor/committee integration to ensure the best possible experience for our junior members. As a result, we’ll be looking for parent/sponsor involvement this year more so than in previous years. Our goal is to build a community of juniors and their families over the next few seasons. We are hoping to kick off this effort at the orientation sessions in April. Parents/sponsors are strongly encouraged to attend orientation as we will be hosting a break out session for the parents/sponsors as well. Please join us during one of the  orientation sessions noted on the Junior Golf Main Page.

Spring Lessons – Does your junior member want to get prepared for the 2018 season? Do you? We are considering spring group lessons for interested juniors and sponsors. We would like to gauge interest in these sessions. Would interest increase if a junior member could bring a friend that isn’t a member to join in on the group sessions? Please let us know by reaching out Dylan Welsh at Dwelsh@oshawagolf.com.

We are going to set up a few different channels for communication with the juniors and the parents/sponsors. Stay tuned for guidance re: a specific e-mail address that the junior committee will monitor.

I look forward to meeting each and every junior golfer and their families over the course of the 2018 golf season.

Michael Densham
Junior Committee Chair